Rent and own

Rent and own.

How quick?

How quick?.

Serving perth since 1968

Serving perth since 1968

Latest Specials

Our rental hire specials in Perth are usually purchased in bulk and hence are always in stock and represent great value. Short or long term hire and buy options are available at affordable rates. A 5 minute call and you can have any of them as soon as today!

Rent to Buy Big Galaxy S21 Ultra in Adelaide

Galaxy S21 Ultra 128GB

From $40.00/wk
From $34.00/wk

630L Fridge Hire in Geraldton

fridge rental

From $35.00/wk
From $29.00/wk

From $59.00/wk
From $49.00/wk

Rent to Buy Big Samsung TV in Adelaide

Rent Today, Enjoy 4K Movies Tomorrow.

From $30.00/wk
From $25.00/wk

iRobot Roomba

From $18.00/wk