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Gaming + VR

Rent Gaming Laptops, Gaming Towers, VR Headsets, Consoles.

Are the kids driving you mad, a gaming computer or console can give you some peace and quiet while they improve their hand-eye coordination. Win-win. we stock gaming towers for the ultimate in gaming power, gaming laptops to keep the fun going when on the move or living between two houses, and gaming consoles for multi-player families.

Ready to upgrade your gaming and work setup? Meet the Lenovo LOQ i5 gaming laptop. Packed with the impressive
From $16.25 / wk

Introducing the Lenovo LOQ 15.6" i7 16GB 512GB RTX 4050 6GB Gaming Laptop, designed to meet the demands of hig
From $25.50 / wk

Includes Gaming Keyboard and Mouse

CPU - AMD Ryzen 5 3600 6 Core 12 Thread Up To 3.6Ghz AM4 - With Wraith Stealth CoolerMotherboard -Gigabyte A52
From $37.00 / wk

Rent to buy gaming Console

A break through gaming console, the Nintendo Switch is the next must have.With so many options it brings a who
From $12.25 / wk

Immerse yourself in the action with the PlayStation 5 Console - . Don't wait – rent to own yours now.PlayStati
From $18.25 / wk

Take your gaming to the next level with the Xbox Series S 512GB Console. With its powerful processor and advan
From $10.50 / wk

Hey there, gamers! Meet the Xbox Series X, the coolest, fastest, and most powerful Xbox ever made. You can pla
From $14.00 / wk

This Arcade Cabinet is an absolute must-have for your family game room, game cave, or even in the office. Swit
From $23.00 / wk

Elevate your gaming rig with the PLE Trinity RX 7600 Prebuilt Gaming PC. Experience the perfect blend of power
From $32.75 / wk
Rent Gaming Laptops, Gaming Towers, VR Headsets, Consoles.

Rentals R Us is the easiest way to hire a gaming computer with rent to own options across our range of gaming towers for those looking for the most power for dollar spent, gaming laptops for those living between two houses or who love the ability to game on the go and attend LANs without the hassle of setting up a traditional gaming rig and gaming consoles from the 3 big players, PlayStation, X-Box and Nintendo. we now also rent virtual reality kits for those new to the sport as well as headsets and accessories separately if you already have a VR capable computer. we can rent additional gaming monitors for both your laptop or tower geat if you are streaming on Twitch. just give our friendly and knowledgeable staff a call and we can help you choose a gaming solution for your needs and budget. We offer rent to own packages on driving simulators, gaming chairs even gaming desks for those wanting to take it to the next level.