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Game Consoles

Rent to own the latest Game consoles X-Box, PS5 Nintendo its play time.

Hire a game console and get a break from the kids. We stock all the latest consoles from Sony Playstation, PS4 and PS5 X-Box series X and Nintendo Switch. No matter the age group we will have a console they will love.

Rent to buy gaming Console

A break through gaming console, the Nintendo Switch is the next must have.With so many options it brings a who
From $12.25 / wk

Immerse yourself in the action with the PlayStation 5 Console - . Don't wait – rent to own yours now.PlayStati
From $18.25 / wk

Take your gaming to the next level with the Xbox Series S 512GB Console. With its powerful processor and advan
From $10.50 / wk

Hey there, gamers! Meet the Xbox Series X, the coolest, fastest, and most powerful Xbox ever made. You can pla
From $14.00 / wk

This Arcade Cabinet is an absolute must-have for your family game room, game cave, or even in the office. Swit
From $23.00 / wk
Rent to own the latest Game consoles X-Box, PS5 Nintendo its play time.

We have a selection of game consoles for you to hire, so if you really want to try out switch, PS4 X-Box or even virtual reality, you can rent a Game console from us including all the add ons like gaming headsets, steering wheels for driving simulators, bespoke gaming chairs and more.. A hired Game console will let you experience all the fun of playing in the amazing world of 4K UHD gaming the modern world has to offer. You can play sports, win battles, create music, race your friends, or whatever else the endless list of games today have to offer. 

the best part of modern gaming to me is the ability to connect to the internet and do so much more than used to be possible with gaming equipment. You can play games via the internet with friends and strangers, and you can download games from the internet. modern game consoles are not even just about games, you can enjoy other forms of entertainment like movies and TV shows either downloaded at once from the internet, or by streaming.