Game Consoles

Rent to buy XBOX ONE X

The XBOX ONE X has 40% more grunt than any other gaming console on the market.This powerful machine works with
From $17.00 / wk

Rent to buy XBOX ONE S

Xbox One sSpecifications500 GB HDD4 gamesWi-FiRent the Xbox One with 500 GB and 4 awesome games. this system c
From $10.50 / wk

Rent to own PS4 Pro

Make the most of your 4K TV with the PS$ Pro.Comes with 1x Game so you can immerse yourself in Ultra High Defi
From $12.00 / wk

Playstation 3 was good, Playstation 4 is better.More of everything in this slickest of 2 games
From $14.50 / wk
Playstation 3 was good, Playstation 4 is better.More of everything in this slickest of 2 games
From $78.00 /

Rent to Buy Plasystaion 4 VR Bundle

Experience the future.This bundle is everything you need.PS4 consolePS4 controllerPS4 VR headsetPS4 CameraWe w
From $29.00 / wk

Rent to buy gaming Console

A break through gaming console, the Nintendo Switch is the next must have.With so many options it brings a who
From $14.50 / wk

50 Classic Games pre-loaded

Both the Classic Nintendo and the Killer Super NES and an era correct 81cm TVBoth consoles come with a ton of
From $12.50 / wk

Now you're playing with power; SUPER POWER!

Kids of all ages are going to love this Bundle.3x Nintendo Consoles from where it all began with the Classic
From $16.50 / wk

The ultimate driving seat to pair with your steering wheel of choice. finished in black Alcantara th
From $15.50 / wk

We have a selection of game consoles for you to hire, so if you really want to try out Wii, you can rent a Wii from us. A hired Wii will let you experience all the fun of playing this amazing Nintendo system. You can pretend to play sports, create music, race your friends, or whatever else Wii has to offer. One of the best parts of playing with a hired Wii is that you get up and move.

If Wii isn`t your style, maybe you would prefer to rent an Xbox 360 from us. Lots of hard core gamers love the Xbox 360. With Microsoft`s Xbox 360, you can connect to the internet and do so much more than used to be possible with gaming equipment. You can play games via the internet with friends and strangers, and you can download games from the internet. The Xbox 360 connection to the internet also allows you to enjoy other forms of entertainment like movies and TV shows either downloaded at once from the internet, or by streaming.